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The advancement of artificial intelligence has improved automated text to speech technology (TTS) significantly: it sounds much less robotic and much more humanlike than ever. With a synthetic voice, you can reduce the cost and time it takes to hire a human voice talent, rent a studio and hire an audio engineer for post-production work. AiVoices offers over 100 voice skins in over 40 languages.

Our synthetic voice options are perfect for eLearning, animations, ‘how-to’ instructional videos, and training videos. And if you have a tight deadline or budget, it’s definitely worth considering using our TTS voice services.

Try out the synthetic voices with your own script and download the audio file(s) generated.

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Although TTS technology has made tremendous strides in recent years and the synthetic voices are sounding more natural than ever before, you may still find that your TTS voiceover needs some adjustments, such as the pronunciation corrections and tone changes. Using a mark up language called SSML can help you make those technical adjustments. Learn more about how to adjust your audio file using SSML in our blog.

If you need assistance adjusting your audio files using SSML, our team has the knowledge and expertise with SSML to help you out. Just contact us with your request and a team member will reach out to you.