VideoLocalize is the brainchild of Boffin Language Group, an Asian-language service provider. As Boffin is handling more and more video voiceover localization projects in the past few years. We found that it’s very time consuming to post edit audio and video to match them. Then, we started to develop an automation tool for our internal use back in June 2016. After we won TAUS innovation award in October, we decided to commercialize it as an industry tool because time consuming video post editing is a common problem in the industry. This is the start of VideoLocalize.

Now, VideoLocalize is not only a synchronization tool, but also a voiceover talent pool and a project management environment as well. VideoLocalize giving translators, project managers, voice talent, and clients the tools and online workspace they need to complete video localization projects — faster and at a far lower cost than before.

About Boffin

Founded in China in 1996 and headquartered in Toronto, Boffin Language Group Inc. has secured a strong niche position and a reputation as a reliable provider of high-quality translation and localization services, primarily for the Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean and Japanese languages. Boffin is also an established engineering service provider, handling software localization, QA testing, DTP, and audio/video engineering as well.

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