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Burned-in subtitles, also called open captions, are subtitles that are "burned" into the video itself and cannot be turned off, unlike closed captions, where the subtitles can be turned on or off by the viewer. With open captions, you can also determine the style of the captions – the color and font size – in advance.

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Tip: It’s recommended that you check the video to ensure important content is not obscured and the subtitles are displayed clearly.

Sometimes, after you have added subtitles to your video, there may be some important text or image on the video image that is obscured by the subtitles, like this:

Our technical team can take a look at your video and ensure that nothing important is obscured by the subtitles and that the subtitles are displayed clearly. If you want this service, get an instant quote now.

Step 1: Upload your video

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Step 3: Choose subtitle styles

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After you’ve downloaded your video, you need to check if the subtitles look okay. If you’d like, we will review your video and make the necessary adjustments to ensure nothing important is obscured and that the subtitles are displayed clearly.

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